Personal Training
Personal training in Bath will be held within LR Fitness Personal Training Studio in Green Park Station. It is a private studio so no membership required. Personal Training in Melksham, Trowbridge, Chippenham & surrounding areas will be held in mobile locations of your choice, a local park or even your own home.

I offer a FREE 1 hour consultation for all personal training sessions, this consultation is to assess your current fitness level and training goal so I can tailor each personal training session to your individual needs, Your sessions may include some of the following:

Posture correction. I will use posture correction to improve the muscle imbalances in the body.

Weight management. I will use weight loss techniques to give you the body that you want, safe and efficiently.

Core stability. Ever had lower back pain? Your core could be the answer. With my sessions I will strengthen the core to help you get back to a healthy pain free you!

Functional training. Using functional training will help you perform daily activities easier.

Sports conditioning. Do you take part in a specific sport? I could personalise a tailored programme so you can achieve your goals.

Nutritional advice. Don’t know what to eat? Need help with portion control? Fed up of different diets every month? A nutritional consultation is what you need.