'Chris has been a fantastic PT for the last year and I have seen a real difference in my fitness and physique. I have a low boredom threshold when it comes to exercise but with Chris's sessions there is plenty of variety and challenge to keeps me focused and push me to work harder.

What makes Chris different is that he listens to what you want to achieve and plans your sessions accordingly taking into account your strengths and weaknesses. He is very knowledgable about how muscle groups work and combines exercises so that your body gains the most benefit. He can also advise you on diet and other exercise to run in conjunction with your training to aid in weight loss or toning up. 

If you are looking for a PT that adapts to your needs, listens, is up-to-date with training practices and can motivate you then Chris Vick is one of the best in Bath'. Karen Keenan  

'I was recommended to personal trainer Chris Vick after telling a friend I’d lost all motivation for running. I was feeling sluggish, old and demoralised. He was very friendly and approachable – although there were times when he got me to do things I thought I couldn’t do, through his sheer determination and quiet force of will.

We agreed on a five week programme, with a goal of me running a 10k race at the end. He understood that I didn’t want to train in the gym, so he devised some outdoor routes. Some of the sessions were tough, others left me feeling pleased with myself and optimistic that I could still enjoy running and improve my performance. I’ll never be an elite runner or a stick inset, but Chris was patient, thorough and encouraging, and yes, I have gone on running since that 10k goal was reached.' Georgette